CalDAV and CardDAV syncing

CalDAV and CardDAV are protocols to sync calendars and contacts with a remote server. Many e-mail hosters provide a CalDAV and CardDAV interface.

Note: CalDAV sync can also be set up by using the calendar app. Open it, click on the little calendar icon in the top right corner and select “Add internet calendar > Generic CalDAV”. Enter your calendar URL as well as your username and password to complete the process.

At the moment, the Ubuntu Touch graphical user-interface lacks a CardDAV implementation, but you can do it by using SyncEvolution + cron. There is a script you can run in the terminal, or via a phablet SSH connection. These instructions work for CalDAV as well.

  1. Follow this guide to activate Developer Mode and a connection either through ADB or SSH.

  2. Download this script (let’s call it and edit the following variables:

  • Server side: CAL_URL, CONTACTS_URL, USERNAME, PASSWORD (of your ownCloud/nextCloud/baikal/SOGO/… server)

  • CONTACT and CALENDAR _ NAME / VISUAL_NAME / CONFIG_NAME (it’s more cosmetic)

  • CRON_FREQUENCY (for the frequency of synchronization)

  • Line 61: write sudo sh -c "echo '$COMMAND_LINE' > /sbin/sogosync" , instead of sudo echo "$COMMAND_LINE" > /sbin/sogosync, to avoid a “Permission denied” error.

  1. Move the file to your Ubuntu Touch device, either by way of a file manager or through the use of ADB:

    adb push /home/phablet
  2. Connect with the phablet shell (using adb shell) or type the following directly into the Ubuntu Touch device terminal app:

    chmod +x