Release Schedule

Ubuntu Touch has four software update channels: Stable, Release Candidate, Devel, and Edge.

Stable Channel

It is the most reliable release channel. It is recommended for users who prefer stability rather than the newest features. Generally Stable gets OTA (over the air) updates every several weeks. But there is no firm schedule. Releases are ready when they’re ready. Stable releases should not introduce new bugs or ship very incomplete features.

Release Candidate (RC) Channel

It is relatively stable but may occasionally contain bugs. This channel is for doing the last tests before releasing features to the Stable channel. If you want features quicker, and you want to help to test, but your life does not depend on your phone, and you can live with some downtime - RC is for you. It does get updates generally every week.

Devel Channel

This is where new features land for the first testing. Although changes have been validated before being released, bugs are to be expected. Don’t use Devel if you can’t live with the fact that new features might break things. Updates come if something has changed - so frequency can be daily.

Edge Channel

This is where dragons live. Here ideas and big new features are melted into code for developers to work on and for the fearless to try them out. Don’t set this channel on a phone you use daily. Updates come as ideas happen to developers. Sometimes very frequently, sometimes the channel isn’t used at all. Basically, if you need to ask what’s in Edge, then it is not for you.