Debug web application

Most web-devs will probably want do most of their coding and debugging in the usual browser environment. The Ubuntu Touch browser is compliant with modern web standards, and most webapps will just work without further changes.

For those (hopefully) rare cases where further debugging is needed, there are two ways to gain further information on the failure.

Watch the logs

If you are comfortable in a CLI environment, most Javascript errors will leave an entry in the app log file:


Debugging in the browser

The default Ubuntu Touch browser is based on the Blink technology that is also used in Chrome/Chromium. By starting the browser in a special mode, you have access to the regular Chrome-style debugger.

On your phone, start the browser in inspector mode::

morph-browser --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/morph-browser.desktop [web_site_url]

Now on your computer, launch Chrome/Chromium browser, and point address to http://YOUR_UT_IP_ADDRESS:9221