Web applications

Ubuntu Webapps are a great way to deliver online web applications into Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu platform provides an advanced web engine container to run online applications on the Ubuntu client devices.

Web applications are hosted online. They can be as simple as a website, like an online news site, or they can distribute content like videos. They can also have a rich user interface or use the WebGL extension to deliver games online.

Note: Ubuntu webapps and Ubuntu HTML5 apps are similar but not identical. The main difference is that the content of a webapp is provided through a URL, whereas HTML5 apps install their content (and usually provide an Ubuntu HTML5 GUI). Webapps also have restricted access to platform APIs.


This guide targets webapps for converged Ubuntu, that is, Ubuntu for Devices (phones and tablets). The Ubuntu Desktop has additional webapps support not covered here. Support for webapps on converged Ubuntu will continue to grow, and of course the future of Ubuntu is convergence, so stay tuned.

Quick start

There are several tools to help you package and deploy your webapp to your device:

Debugging your webapp

This guide give you some tips to help you debug your webapp.