Preinstalled apps

This page will help you get started with developing the apps which are included with Ubuntu Touch.

Core apps

Core apps are applications which are included with UBports distributions of Ubuntu Touch and placed in the OpenStore for updates. Core apps are a good “first development” experience within UBports. Many are built with Clickable, an easy to use build and test system for Ubuntu Touch apps. Most core apps can even be built and run without an Ubuntu Touch device!

Which core apps currently exist?

A full list of the Ubuntu Touch core apps follows.

Other preinstalled apps

The following applications are preinstalled in Ubuntu Touch but are not considered core apps. Most of the time these projects must be updated with the system because they use many system services which do not necessarily have a stable API.

These apps may be more difficult to work with, but their repository should contain a document stating how to build and run them on a device.

Instructions for contributing to these applications can be found in their respective repositories.