Ubuntu Touch uses Pulseaudio as sound server. Documentation can be found at and in the Ubuntu manpages

The default configuration file used on Ubuntu Touch is This file is located in the /etc/pulse directory on your device and it will need adjustment in order for sound to function properly. Extract the file and copy it to the ubuntu directory you created in your device repo (see Overlay file method).

Найдите строку:

load-module module-droid-discover voice_virtual_stream=true

и замените её на строку:

load-module module-droid-discover rate=48000 quirks=+unload_call_exit

В конец файла добавьте следующее:

### Automatically load the audioflinger glue
load-module module-droid-glue-24

Your modified file now needs to be included in your build. Follow the overlay file method corresponding to your Halium version.