Halium porting


If you are looking for information on installing Ubuntu Touch on a supported device, or if you would like to check if your device is supported, please see this page.

This section will introduce you to some of the specifics of porting Ubuntu Touch to an Android device by building a Halium image.

This process does not build Ubuntu Touch! A Halium image is installed along with a prebuilt Ubuntu Touch filesystem to create a running Ubuntu Touch system. If you already have an Ubuntu Touch device and would like to modify the software on it, you will be better served by System software development. If you would like to modify the Android compatibility image for the Nexus 5, Oneplus One, or Fairphone 2, Legacy porting is appropriate for you.

Before you begin, you’ll want to head over to the Halium porting guide and get your systemimage built without errors. Once you’re at the point of installing a rootfs, you can come back here.

Start at Building halium-boot if you’d like to install the UBports Ubuntu Touch 16.04 rootfs.

Getting community help

If you’re having trouble with the porting steps after building your Halium systemimage, check out the “Common Problems” section of the page you’re stuck on. If none of the suggestions are helpful, you can get help from the community via the following channels: