Building halium-boot

Halium-boot is a new proposed boot image in the Halium project, replacing hybris-boot. We will be building and using it for Ubuntu Touch.

Fix mounts

Halium-boot’s mount is not aware of SELinux contexts. If your device’s fstab file includes any contexts, the partition that they are on will fail to mount and your port will not work correctly.

The first step to this process is figuring out where your fstab actually is. For most, this is inside BUILDDIR/device/MANUFACTUER/CODENAME/rootdir/etc and it is named either fstab.qcom or fstab.devicename. Open the file for editing.

If the type of the ‘data’ or ‘userdata’ partition is f2fs, it is required to change it to ext4.

With the file open, remove all context= options from all block devices in the file. The option will start at the text context= and end at the comma following it.

For example, the line ro,nosuid,nodev,context=u:object_r:firmware_file:s0,barrier=0 should become ro,nosuid,nodev,barrier=0

Save and exit.

Edit kernel config

Ubuntu Touch requires a slightly different kernel config than Halium, including enabling Apparmor. Luckily, we have a nice script for this purpose, check-kernel-config. It’s included in the halium-boot repository. Simply run it on your config as follows:

./halium/halium-boot/check-kernel-config path/to/my/defconfig -w

You may have to do this twice. It will likely fix things both times. Then, run the script without the -w flag to see if there are any more errors. If there are, fix them manually. Once finished, run the script without the -w flag one more time to make sure everything is correct.

Build the image

Once halium-boot is in place, you can build it quite simply. You will also need to rebuild system.img due to our changes.

  1. cd to your Halium BUILDDIR
  2. source build/
  3. Run breakfast or lunch, whichever you use for your device
  4. mka halium-boot
  5. mka systemimage

Continue on

Now that you have halium-boot built, you can move on to Installing Ubuntu Touch 16.04 images on Halium.