UBports Debian repository


This is the legacy package repository for UBports projects. It hosts the Debian packages of the current stable release.


This is the current package repository for UBports projects. It contains Debian packages of the development version of Ubuntu Touch and various PPAs.

Repository naming convention

Native packages

Native packages (e.g. https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-system-settings) are repositories that contain a debian/ folder with the source used to create the Debian source package.

The name of the Debian source package generated from the repository and the name of the Git-repository should be the same.

Non-native packages

Non-native package repositories (e.g. https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/packaging/sensorfw) contain a debian folder without the source used to create the Debian source package. The URL of the upstream source tarball and filename of the .orig.tar.gz archive must be specified on a separate line each in a file called ubports.source_location inside the debian directory. The CI system uses this information to download and rename the upstream sources and to create a Debian source package.

Creating new PPAs

New PPAs can be created dynamically by the CI server using a special git-branch naming convention. The name of the branch translates literally to the name of the PPA which is a distribution in the package repository at: https://repo2.ubports.com/dists/[branch name]